Hi, I'm David Rickabaugh

Allow me to introduce myself to you, professionally and personally.



As a professional coach, I'm passionate about helping others to identify and accomplish their goals, to be more successful in their careers, and to live happier, more satisfying lives.   Have a quick read of my coaching manifesto to better understand why I do what I do, and visit davidrickabaugh.coach to learn more about my leadership development and executive coaching practice.

Leading with ADHD

My singular purpose for Leading with ADHD is to help leaders and professionals with ADHD (or those who suspect they may have ADHD) identify and leverage their unique superpowers – and manage their challenges – so that they can achieve the personal satisfaction and professional success they desire.

Leading with ADHD is a passion project for me, and I am devoting my private practice to working with leaders and professionals with ADHD, or with those who think they might have ADHD.  I was diagnosed with ADHD myself in my 50s, after struggling privately for years and feeling like something wasn't quite right with my brain.  My diagnosis was a revelation to me, and I felt liberated to address my ADHD as a condition separate from "me."  And I've spent the last two years learning about the gifts  or "superpowers" ADHD brings us, and about the challenges it presents as well.  And I've learned how to leverage medication and how I think about my own flavor of ADHD to thrive and succeed.  


I grew up in retail, working with Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy's California, and Rand McNally, where I pioneered ecommerce and online marketing in 1996. In 2007 I launched my own boutique customer experience research and strategy firm, where I helped clients design delightful customer experiences that yielded business results. In 2010 I rejoined the corporate world and led a product team for Walmart Global Ecommerce, redesigning the Walmart.com cart & checkout experience and launching Canadian ecommerce on Walmart.ca. I joined Luxottica's Australian retail business as VP of Digital & eCommerce in 2012, where I led a digital transformation effort and created a digital omnichannel experience for OPSM, an optical brand similar to Lenscrafters.  

In 2014 I realized that I wanted a higher level of satisfaction from my work and that it was time for me to live more "on purpose". I embarked on a major career change that would allow me to focus on helping and developing others. To this end I enrolled in the masters program in Coaching Psychology at the University of Sydney and started coaching. I finished my degree in 2015, and I relocated to Seattle, WA, USA.

Community Involvement

I am currently involved with these organizations:  

Previously I led a year-long engagement through the Taproot Foundation to build a new website for an environmentally focused nonprofit.


In addition to my Master of Science in Coaching Psychology from the University of Sydney, I have an MS in Information Systems from Depaul University (Chicago) and a BA in Communication Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara.



I love cycling, and I've ridden in AIDS/LifeCycle from SF to LA four times, and taking this year off to go to Europe instead. I love reading, playing games of all sorts, and exploring new movies and TV shows.  I'm great at home improvement, problem solving, listening, and cooking.  I enjoying spending quality time with my husband Wyatt and Tucker, my four year old Border Terrier, and exploring Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. I'm smart, analytical, compassionate, empathetic, and love to laugh.