My Coaching Manifesto

"I seek to fulfill my life purpose to help others and to leave this world a better place as best I can, leveraging my own unique experiences, strengths, and talents.

I believe in coaching and developing individuals as whole persons, as both emotional and thoughtful beings, as individuals who exist in their personal and work lives as the same person.  I believe that an individual’s behavior is based in their thoughts and emotions, and in their basic assumptions about their worlds.  And I believe that an individual can change his or her own behavior, thoughts, feelings, and assumptions in service of his or her own goals, through coaching and personal development.

I believe in the power of positive emotions to inspire change, to expand possibility, and to create an ongoing, life-long virtuous cycle of growth and development.

Harnessing these beliefs, I enable and inspire others to have the courage and patience to grow and develop themselves — and their teams — so that they may achieve greater professional success and personal satisfaction.

— David Rickabaugh