For those of us with ADHD, finding good professional support can be a challenge.  Many medical and psych professionals are all too eager to treat symptomatic presenting  conditions – like anxiety and depression – and fail to recognize, diagnose, and treat our challenges or provide us with the support we need.  I know most of the professionals I've listed below.  They are knowledgeable experts on ADHD, and I recommend them.  

If you are looking for professionals outside of the Seattle area, or if those listed don't work for you, I encourage you to explore the resource directories provided by CHADD, ADDA, ADDitude, and if you are looking for a therapist Psychology Today.

Diagnosis & Medication Management

Angela Heithaus, MD


Dr. Heithaus specializes in offering adults with ADHD comprehensive and holistic management of their health and well-being along with empathy and compassion for the challenges they face.

David Deichert, ND, ARNP


Dr. Deichert’s goal in medicine is to blend his training in naturopathic and conventional western medicine to offer a holistic, integrative approach to practicing family medicine as well as specialty care. He has a special interest in caring for patients with ADHD.

ADD Center of Bellevue
David Pomeroy, MD



ADD Center of Bellevue's mission is to provide compassionate, informed and up-to-date high-quality care to individuals and families affected by ADHD and co-occurring conditions.  They provide expert evaluation and recommendations based upon evidence and experience, reliable and up-to-date information about ADHD, and recommends other resources as appropriate.

Affiliated with ADHD expert Dr. Ned Hallowell, the Center specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of cognitive and emotional conditions in children, teens and adults, using a strengths-based, multi-disciplinary approach that incorporates the latest knowledge about the brain, learning, human behavior, and emotion.

Hallowell Todaro Center


Individual and Group Counseling

An experienced specialist in ADHD, Don has been offering ADHD counseling to individuals and couples and ADHD group classes for nearly 20 years.  Don's "Traction Basic" class would be excellent for you if you think you may have ADHD or if you are newly diagnosed – its a great way to learn about ADHD and yourself, both from Don and from others in the class.  The "Traction Bootcamp" continues your learning journey, and you may even choose to participate in multiple course sessions, as I and many others have.

Don Baker, MA, LMHC