Superpower Coaching is focused on helping you to lead with your superpowers and effectively manage your challenges, so you can achieve the professional success and personal satisfaction you desire.  I take a strengths-based approach to help you identify your unique talents and abilities – your superpowers – and then we work together to identify your key challenges and develop strategies to effectively manage them.  I take a very pragmatic approach based on your situation, your needs, and your goals.


When you choose to work with me, I'll design a program just for you, and it will likely look something like this: 

Orientation and Goal-Setting

Depending on what we covered in our initial call, we will take some time to get to know each other and to discuss what motivated you to find a coach.  We'll wrap up by setting your initial goals.

In a client’s own words…

I chose David because I wanted career coaching and I have ADHD and he has a strong background in both. In my line of work it’s easy to get overwhelmed when too much is coming at you, but David helped me work with a new perspective that was practical and supportive. He listens thoughtfully and is genuine in his work and I am still using techniques he taught me to manage at work – and soon, at home as well!
— -Remy B, Compliance Engineer

Strengths & Superpowers

To lead with your superpowers, we'll need to identify them, using several assessments to identify your strengths:

  1. StrengthsProfile to identify your professionally-oriented strengths.

  2. VIA Character Strengths to identify your more personal, values-driven strengths.

  3. A Strengths Narrative to understand how you see your strengths and abilities based on your personal and professional history.

Then we'll work collaboratively to tease out out your superpowers, those strengths that uniquely differentiate you form your peers, leveraging the result of these assessments .



Next, we'll identify your challenges, using both your own narrative as well as an Executive Function assessment.  Then, we'll develop a better understanding of how these challenges impact your life and impede you in achieving your personal and professional goals.

Developing Your ADHD "Owner's Manual"

We'll begin to build your unique Owner's Manual, in which we'll capture your Goals, Superpowers, Strengths, and Challenges, and you will add what you learn as we work together about how you can best lead with your superpowers and how to deploy strategies to manage your challenges.  We'll build this initially in a shared Google doc, so you can update it any time.


Achieving Your Goals

While you will have been working toward your goals as we work through the above phases, this phase of work is more focused on helping you progress toward your goals.  I'll help you identify possible pathways and strategies, you'll test them, and we'll iterate and learn as you move forward, developing confidence and self compassion, and achieving the progress you want.