The same brain differences present you with ADHD-related challenges also grant you unique gifts, talents, and strengths – your Superpowers.  My coaching embraces a strengths-based approach to help you achieve your goals and realize both professional success and personal satisfaction. 

The real disabilities of ADD are shame, fear, and believing you are disabled.... If you believe you can’t you can’t. That’s where the damage is done.
— Edward Hallowell, MD

Chances are that your ADHD causes you to over-focus on your challenges – your "disabilities" – and this likely diminishes your confidence and self-esteem.  This hyper-awareness of your challenges also likely blocks  your awareness  of your Superpowers and prevents you using them to their full potential. 

I believe that the path to success for those of us with ADHD lies in leading with our Superpowers – identifying, leveraging, and maximizing our unique gifts – while also being aware of and managing our challenges, without over-focusing on them.

The Leading with ADHD Model for Success

My coaching approach and model is informed by experts on ADHD, including Edward Hallowell, MD, Sari Solden, Gail Saltz, MD, and William Dodson, MD, among others, and by my study of both positive psychology and coaching psychology. © David L Rickabaugh & Leading with ADHD

When you partner with me, we’ll start with where you are now and focus on where you want to go.  I can help in a number of ways, leveraging the Leading with ADHD Model for Success: 

  • Laying your Foundation: Building your knowledge of ADHD, finding other professionals who can help with a diagnosis, medication, or therapy, and helping you identify ways to practice self care.

  • Building Capacity: Developing a better understanding of your brain and your unique "flavor" of ADHD, identifying your Superpowers, and finding ways to change your habits and behavior in order to manage your challenges effectively, with an emphasis on positivity and self acceptance.

  • Advancing: Learning to be more mindful of your internal and external environments, being kind to yourself, and refocusing on your Superpowers in order to develop them and unleash their – and you – full potential.

  • Thriving: Pulling it all together to feel empowered, to think more productively, to act more confidently, to achieve your goals, and to build exponentially on your successes.

Coaching Sessions and Tools

I meet with clients locally, nationally, and globally by phone or by video – using Zoom – which I find to be as or more effective than meeting in person.  I also use shared Google docs to collaborate real-time and between sessions.