Lead with Your Superpowers.

Adults with ADHD have unique gifts, or "superpowers." Learning to lead with your superpowers can give you an edge over others in your work and lead to greater satisfaction in your life. But you can only use them to your best advantage if you know what they are, and if something comes easy to you, you likely don't recognize it as a superpower.  

Manage Your Challenges.


When you think of ADHD (aka ADD), you probably think of challenges first... struggling to focus, not being able to get started on a project, procrastinating on a task or hyper-focusing on something that isn't a priority.    And you aren't alone.

If you have ADHD – or if you think you might – you are very aware of your challenges, and you likely criticize yourself for them, doubt your abilities, and worry about how you'll "screw up" next.  

Individuals with ADHD often struggle with executive skills like task activation, goal-directed persistence, emotional control, working memory, organization, and time management, among others.  Many with ADHD also suffer from depression and anxiety because of their ADHD.  Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria, essentially "unbearable pain from feeling rejected", is also often experienced by adults with ADHD.

“ADHD isn’t actually an attention deficit problem, its an attention consistency problem..."
– Dr. William Dodson, MD

This is all because of the neurochemistry of the ADHD brain, a shortage of neurotransmitters that prevent people with ADHD from accessing their prefrontal cortex functions on-demand.  It's not because someone with ADHD is lazy or careless or lacking character – it's just that they don't always have the neurochemistry to respond as "neurotypical" people do.

Managing ADHD Challenges Successfully


The key to managing these challenges is finding self-compassion – recognizing that your challenges are about your neurochemistry and not "you" or your character – and then developing an understanding of your own flavor of ADHD and what works for you.  In other words, creating an "owner's manual" for your brain.  It's all about learning what works best for you, and then using that knowledge to succeed.  

And yes, you can do this. 

Finding positive, reinforcing help from a professional coach who understands ADHD can also be a critical key to success.  And I'm here to help.  

My coaching can help you achieve the outcomes you want.  I use a strengths-based approach, leveraging proven models of change that are based in rigorous academic and scientific research.  These tools and perspectives can help you see more clearly, act more confidently, and build exponentially on your successes.

My style is pragmatic, people-oriented and outcome focused, combining my strong business background  with the latest in evidence-based coaching and leadership practice.

I have a deep and intimate understanding of ADHD, based on personal and professional learning and experience.   And I'm accessible – I work with clients anywhere, by video and by phone.

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